Meet My Hood: Flagstaff Southside


Heading up to Flagstaff, you typically look forward to be surrounded by Ponderosa pines, Mount Humphries, and clean air. But on this trip, we’re checking out a different side of Flagstaff – the Southside, the city’s oldest neighborhood.

Segregated by the railroad to the north, we are truly south of the tracks. Instead of Ponderosas there are weeds. Clean air? Perhaps to some; for the rest of us, it smells like fermenting beer, which is exactly what it is.

The Southside is home to some of Arizona’s best, and award-winning breweries, all within stumbling distance from one another. It’s also the place to be for comfort food, Napoleon-style pizza, and the Macy’s special – chocolate and espresso.

Besides becoming known for its beer, coffee, and food, the Southside is also quietly raising its community. The weeds are being cleared, homes are being restored, and the early brothels leading up to Route 66 are now apartments and hostels. There’s even a community garden. But it’s Macy’s Coffee House, Tinderbox Kitchen, Pizzicletta, and Mother Road Brewery that are turning non-southsiders into insiders of this locals-only neighborhood.


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