Meet My Hood: Roosevelt Row


Known to many as simply ‘The Row’, the Roosevelt neighborhood is the arts district of Downtown Phoenix. Not the one with the internationally renowned Heard Museum, the Phoenix Art Museum, or even the Arizona Science Center. This is the non ‘hoity toity’ hood that wears its art on its sleeve, on its brick walls and alleyways, and in its galleries.

Roosevelt Row is loud and proud. And when it shouts every First Friday, folks flock by the thousands to experience life, art, and food in what is now the largest self-guided art walk in the country.

But it’s what happens every other day of the month that brings us down here.

These streets used to be filled with crack houses and hookers. Now the Row is the center of urban cool and a vibrant arts uprising. Even the Wall Street Journal is taking note, recently doing a travel feature on the galleries and coffee shops.

You don’t have to like bold images of skeletons and internal organs painted on garage doors, or that the nearest Starbucks is blocks away and ‘not in my neighborhood’. But you can’t deny the passion, expression, and character that makes this neighborhood thrive.


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