Author Tiffany Mraz

Tiffany Mraz is an award winning journalist, writer and producer. She spent nearly 13 years as a television news producer, then branched out into magazine and television programming. She has interviewed and written about celebrities, musicians, athletes, politicians, you name it. Travel writing is her latest foray. While most travel writers may want to experience the beautiful and exotic, Tiffany, who wouldn't balk at any such assignment, prefers to discover more rustic destinations through her own unique lens. Nothing's better than the unexpected.

Southside - Flagstaff

Heading up to Flagstaff, you typically look forward to be surrounded by Ponderosa pines, Mount Humphries, and clean air. But on this trip, we’re checking out a different side of Flagstaff – the Southside, the city’s oldest neighborhood.

Roosevelt Row - Phoenix

You don’t have to like bold images of skeletons and internal organs painted on garage doors, or that the nearest Starbucks is blocks away and ‘not in my neighborhood’. But you can’t deny the passion, expression, and character that makes this neighborhood thrive.